The kids below are just 3 out of the 3,000 foster youth in Orange County. Because of the numbers there is no way to have all of them represented here. However, Estrella, Kevin and Ricardo are good examples of the kids we meet.

Please pray for them, and the countless others not represented here.

IMPORTANT: To learn more about the foster youth in Orange County and how you can pray for them, attend one of the monthly Education Events. It will bring you up to speed quickly on possible next steps.



Estrella is an adorable five year-old with severe medical needs. Estrella’s conditions require her to be in a wheelchair. She has a G-tube placement is on daily medication to control seizure activity. Estrella is legally blind and receives stimulation from the Blind Children's Association of America. She receives physical therapy and occupational therapy on a consultation basis one time per month. She also attends school 5 days a week for ½ a day. Estrella likes to be talked to and rubbed on her belly. She will smile in response. She often sucks on her hands and tongue for comfort.

Estrella is non-ambulatory and nonverbal. Estrella requires care 24/7 and would require an adoptive home with medical knowledge and experience.



Ricardo is a beautiful young boy who is very energetic and loves to laugh. He has stunning blue-green eyes and has an infectious smile. Ricardo enjoys riding in cars, looking at books, and listening to music. He is quite adept on the iPad to communicate his needs through pictures. Ricardo likes to be in a school setting, interacting with other children and teachers with whom he is familiar.

Ricardo would benefit from an adoptive family who can provide him with individualized attention and can advocate for his special needs. In return, Ricardo will add lots of joy and tons of laughter to his forever family.



With his sarcastic wit and sly smile, Ramses can charm his way into your heart. Although Ramses is slow to warm up, mainly due to the many losses he has suffered, he will reward your patience with a window into his personality. Ramses is interested in cars and has an amazing knowledge of them. Ramses is athletic and loves to participate in football and soccer. He also enjoys watching his favorite sports teams on TV. Ramses needs more than anything an adult who will commit to him unconditionally. Ramses enjoys individual attention and would benefit from being the only child in the home. With the support, stability and guidance that a loving family can provide, there is no limit to what Ramses could achieve.



Asia is a funny and sensitive 16 year old girl. Like a typical teenager, Asia enjoys going to the movies, texting her friends, and sleeping in. Asia also loves going out to eat, especially for sushi. Asia has been through a lot, and understandably takes some time before she trusts someone enough to let them in. Once she does, she will share her charm and great sense of humor with them.



Cesar is 19 years old and is in his first year of college. He works very hard in school and is a very responsible, resilient young man. Even with all the obstacles Cesar has endured he still considers himself as being very fortunate and is excited about his future.



Is a 19 yr old youth in the Foster Care system. He has graduated from High School and has a dream to become a barber. His family never had enough money growing up for haircuts which is why he has a passion in this area. He is attending Barber School in Anaheim and has a dream to one day open up his own Barber shop.

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