30 years ago Laurie Beshore, with a group of volunteers, saw a need in the foster care system in Orange County and knew Mariners Church could help meet those needs. This was just the beginning of what has become a passion and vision to eradicate foster care in our community. We truly believe that the Church is the answer to the foster care problem. If we as the people of the church work together, we can change the lives of our most vulnerable kids.

Will you join us? Will you share of your time, talents and resources? Will you help these kids to understand how much God loves and cares for them through His people?



Foster kids in Orange County


Age out of the system each year

< 50%

Graduate from high school

< 5%

Graduate from college


What would this world look like if all of the kids in foster care in Orange County knew that they were loved and cared for? Just think how these 3,000 kids could change the world after experiencing the love of God’s people!

Through your love and generosity, we can make a HUGE impact on statistics like those above. We are committed to seeing each child live up to their full potential and find a sense of community through this program. We know that God has commanded us to care for the orphans, and that's what the people of Mariners Church plan to do!

The "funnel" of services graphic helps explain how we provide care and encouragement at every level. EDUCATION requires a low level of commitment and is an easy place to start. ADOPTION requires a very large commitment, but we know there are people at Mariners Church who are ready to take that step.

If you're new to the ministry - start by attending one of our monthly Education Events.