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Keion's Story

It started with a picture on the refrigerator.

One day a lady was given a thin piece of paper with a picture and small description of a 12 year old foster boy. The request was simple: just pray. The lady gladly agreed and took the picture home.

She placed the picture on the refrigerator door for the rest of the family to see. Little by little each member of the family inquired about the picture of the boy. He seemed so out of reach, like many of the other unknown, sponsored children's photos that had been displayed there in recent years. However, to their surprise, he lived in the neighboring city. He was the boy next door.

One day a member of the household began to cry as she gazed at the photo. Her heart filled with sadness for this young boy and his tragic story. She began to speak hope, life, blessings, protection, salvation and love over his life.

A week later, by the grace of God, the whole family got to meet the young boy who seemed so out of reach. With discretion and discernment they were able to watch him play a sport he loved - one that they themselves where closely connected to on a professional level.

Although he didn't know who they were, they knew who he was.

The family had been from the bottom to what many consider the pinnacle. They struggled, yet stayed united through the power of prayer. They knew that truly having your hearts aligned with The Lord was far greater than any monetary gain, personal success, fame or fortune. Today, this family is dedicated to seeing the young boy write his story - one filled with hope and joy.

They are honored to be a part of his journey as it reminds them of the way God knew us before we knew Him.

He has great plans in store for those who call upon His Holy Name! Jeremiah 29:11