Your prayers are important!

Pray for:

  • The foster youth crisis in Orange County.
  • The Foster Youth & Families program as it seeks to address the crisis.
  • The state and local programs working hard to handle the identified youth.
  • Specific kids in the program.

Thank you for leveraging the power of prayer in the lives of our foster youth!



One of our values is to move foster youth from a place of isolation into a thriving, caring community of individuals.

One way to do this is to show our kids that we share with those in need in our community. Examples include:

  • Giving a pair of hand-me-down soccer cleats
  • Providing free music lessons
  • Donating a kids bike, razor or skateboard

If this sounds like you, use the button below to see specific items you could share/donate today.



Your sponsorship gift allows foster youth in Orange County to feel the love and care they are missing.

Your generous financial gifts provide everything from basic needs to more substantial needs like piano lessons or a season of soccer.

Thank you in advance for the difference you will make in the lives of local foster youth through sponsorship!

Giving is coming soon. Until then - please pray for our kids and consider being part of our sharing community.


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